ISO POP CORN – 2nd Generation


The video installation is conceived for a minimum of 3 simultaneous projections where sequences are triggered by the observers. The clips are projected on vertical projection surfaces erected in a space large enough to enable the vistors of the exhibition to walk along the projections and trigger the actions trough walking.

The video installation is composed of 24 video clips, all in black and white, 10-30 seconds in duration. Each clip shows the bursting of a different grain of corn in slow motion. Each sequence is different in the sense that each corn, when it bursts, results in a new shape, to a new play of movement : Some grains take time to burst, others do not burst at all. Some corn burst out with such power that they hit out of frame while others barely react. The sound is dull, metallic and hard when the popcorn touches the surface of the floor. In some sequences the sound is very close and far away in others .

The images were produced in high definition with a highspeed camera at 500 fps-700 fps and edited as video clips. Sound was composed by Elisabeth Flunger who created for each sequence different acoustic moods: waiting state -explosion-rest.

With ‘ISO-2nd Generation…’ Sneja Dobrosavljevic wants to

  • highlight the beauty, unlimited diversity (shapes movements) and unbending power of nature
  • create a mixture of beauty and anguish through the combination of suspense and violence of the explosions. Some sequences allude to a time bomb.
  • explore interaction between sound and video sequences entirely influenced by the visitors.

‘ISO Pop Corn -2nd Generation …’ was realized with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.

The installation was shown in Luxembourg in 2010 at the Festival ‘Rekult 03‘ and in 2011 at the group exhibition ‘Sleep Disorders‘.

The work is part of the video series entitled “Power Corn“.

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