Sneja Dobrosavljevic graduated from Camberwell College of Arts /UAL  with an MA in Digital Arts after she had graduated with an MA in social and visual communications. In her interactive video installations she mimics the world of advertising and promotes fake products in order to create awareness for blind consumerism, the growing power of the food industry and the urgent need for more innovative structures for Elderly people. Inspired by the works of Virtual Reality artists of the late 90’s, she has been exploring since 2011 the impact virtual online worlds like Second Life may have on the real life.


Art works 

• #joinmein50years – The FunkySeniorHome in Second Life ®, video machinima 50’, 2013-2014
• Power corn – 2nd Generation, triple interactive video installation with sound produced by composer Elisabeth Flunger, 2009-2011
• ISO pop corn -1st Generation human designed pop corn, video installation with sound, 3-D prototype print & video , 2007-2010
• Power Corn II_MUTATION, installation & performance, 2006
• Direct I & direct II, interactive video installation with sound, 2006
• Power Corn, video installation with sound, 2005
• The shoe I come from, video-triptych in collaboration with Justine Blau & Pippa Koszerek, 2004
• Don’t blame your dentist, DV video, 1’15’’, 2004
• Video installation for the bathroom hoferlin_42”, 2004
• 2H4 (Too Hungry For), DV video, 8’, 2003


Curatorial works and Art promotion

  • European Month of Photography / Luxembourg Edition: communication and press officer  (2006 + 2009)
  • iRadART : weekly radio program on Radio ARA with the goal to promote various forms of acoustic productions made in Luxembourg.
  • Collective exhibition ‘070707’ : multidisciplinary art exhibition in Luxembourg featuring 7 artists from Luxembourg and the Great Region
  • Collective exhibition ‘060606’ : multidisciplinary art exhibition in Luxembourg featuring 6 artists
  • Collective exhibition ‘050505’ : multidisciplinary art exhibition in Luxembourg featuring 5 artists


Activities in the field of Publication, Multimedia editing, Communications and New Media 

  • Development of SANTE.lu, Public Health web portal (2006-2014)
  • Development of Telemediana/TeleEDUC: Virtual Academy and video database for continuing medical education in collaboration with the Luxembourg based satellite operator SES/ASTRA (2000-2006)
  • New Technology and Advanced Techniques in Surgery, international Congress organized in Munich (Germany) by the Luxembourg based European Association for Visceral Surgery (1998-2000)


Member of various associations

  • AAPL – Association des artistes plasticiens du Luxembourg, association sans but lucratif
  • IUEOA – a collective of creative people based in Luxembourg who promote soustainability and green life style
  • LX5 – interregional network to promote an open space culture
  • ADOUNA – Non Governmental Organization with the goal to support sustainability and facilitate social and cultural promotion in developing countries.


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